Do plumbers or exterminators get rid of drain flies UK?

In the United Kingdom, both plumbers and exterminators can play a role in getting rid of drain flies, depending on the specific nature of the problem. Drain flies, also known as moth flies or sewer gnats, can be a common issue in drains, sewers, and damp areas in homes. In this article, we will discuss whether plumbers or exterminators are typically responsible for addressing drain fly infestations in the UK and when it might be necessary to call upon their services.


  1. Drain Cleaning: Plumbers are primarily responsible for maintaining and repairing plumbing systems, including drains. If the root cause of the drain fly infestation is a clogged or damaged drain, a plumber should be called to address the plumbing issue. Plumbers can clean and unclog drains, repair leaky pipes, and ensure proper drainage.
  2. Leak Repair: Plumbing leaks can create stagnant water, which is an ideal breeding ground for drain flies. Plumbers can identify and repair leaks to eliminate the conditions that attract drain flies.


  1. Pest Control: Exterminators specialize in pest control and are trained to address a wide range of pest infestations, including drain flies. If the drain fly infestation is severe or persists despite plumbing repairs, calling an exterminator may be necessary.
  2. Treatment: Exterminators have access to specialized treatments and chemicals designed to eliminate drain flies and their larvae. They can also provide ongoing pest control services to prevent future infestations.

When to Call Plumbers or Exterminators

The decision to call a plumber or an exterminator in the UK depends on the specific circumstances:

  1. Plumbers: If you suspect that the drain fly infestation is primarily due to plumbing issues, such as clogged or damaged drains, or leaks, it is advisable to call a plumber first. They will address the root cause of the problem by repairing and cleaning the drains.
  2. Exterminators: If the drain fly infestation persists after plumbing repairs or if it is particularly severe, it may be necessary to contact an exterminator. Exterminators have the expertise and tools to assess the extent of the infestation and apply targeted treatments to eliminate drain flies.


In the UK, both plumbers and exterminators have roles in addressing drain fly infestations, depending on the underlying causes and the severity of the problem. Plumbers are responsible for plumbing-related issues, while exterminators specialize in pest control. In many cases, collaboration between the two professionals may be necessary to effectively get rid of drain flies and prevent future infestations.

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