Will Drano Kill Drain Flies?

Dealing with pests is annoying, and frustrating, and nasty. It is especially true for drain fly infestations, as these bugs are persistent: getting rid of them is a real headache.

Drain flies breed within the house plumbing systems, feeding on scum and goo that aggregates in there. A temptation to simply pour something as deadly as possible down the pipes may grow inside you, and Drano may be the very first option to consider. If only it were that easy! While Drano will surely kill moth flies and their larvae, a more complex approach is needed to ensure that the pests are not going to come back anytime soon.

What is Drano?

Drano is a drain cleaning solution with caustic formula. It is commonly used to unclog pipes, as it breaks through any organic material it touches, and drain clogs are generally made of organics: food wastes, hair, etc. What is relevant though: Drano can kill drain flies because they consist of organic materials as well. It is safe on all pipes.

Will Drano help to get rid of drain flies fast?

People ask us quite often, does Drano kill drain flies? The answer is yes, but the whole picture is a bit more complicated. Drano does kill drain flies and drain worms, but using it for this purpose is like hunting birds with a nuclear warhead — just too much collateral damage is involved, and it is not as accurate as we would like it to be.

Drano may burn through organic debris while leaving the sides of the pipes untouched and uncleaned — as well as drain fly larvae that feed there. Not to mention that you will be dealing with a substance that can leave you with a chemical burn if not treated carefully.

Not only drain flies!

In fact, the pest killing potential of the cleaner is not limited to drain flies only, and Drano can kill fruit flies too. Fruit flies are also using sinks as their breeding spot, though they are not hiding that deep within the pipes and tend to remain on the surface. Thus, everything mentioned about drain flies is also applicable to fruit flies, but it is even more excessive since fruit flies do not reach far deep within pipes.

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Why do drain flies keep coming back?

Drain flies keep coming back because of the ineffectiveness of the used methods.

You may have used Drano, and it got through the clogging, leaving small chunks of organic matter on the pipe sides. These chunks are just enough for drain fly larvae to feed on and grow, which means new flies will appear in the rooms of your house in a while. Or you could have killed the adult flies and left the breeding grounds in the pipes completely untreated. This is not enough because of the life cycle of drain flies.

As mentioned before, the issue should be approached thoroughly. Here are some methods to get rid of drain flies (make sure that you implement them at once, targeting both adult flies and their larvae!):

  • Clean the pipes with a spring drain cleaner or a brush;
  • Make an apple cider vinegar trap for adult flies;
  • Use fly sprays (not suitable for any situation, as they are toxic);
  • Look for other infestation sites, as there may be more than one;
  • Pour some bio drain gel down the drain to remove organic leftovers from the pipe sides;
  • Search for leaking pipes and standing water — drain flies come from these too;
  • Consider hiring a pest management specialist.

What is the best Drain Fly Killer?

Diluted bleach and boiling water are often used as a remedy to get rid of drain flies. Granted that infestation is not serious, it can kill some larvae and remove the organic mess. No exceptional performance should be expected, though, as larvae are resistant to temperature changes and immune to weak chemicals, such as bleach. Proceed with caution — bleach may be harmful to pipes. Another cheap way is to use baking soda and vinegar — when mixed, they start a reaction, which results in bubbling foam. Again, this could be effective only at the early stages of an infestation.

Drano is way better at clearing the breeding sites and can easily kill drain flies, but may leave some filth on pipes. It is enough for drain flies to recover and return. Moreover, it is somewhat dangerous, as it can damage one’s skin and give off toxic fumes when mixed with other drain cleaning liquids. When bathtub and shower drains are infested, using Drano may be dangerous because of how chemicals react to hot environments.

Bio drain gels use bacteria or enzymes to decompose the organics within the pipes. Drain gels are one hundred percent safe for plumbing and target the clogs more precisely independently of life cycle of drain flies. Removing everything is essential for drain fly treatment, as it denies them access to any food sources. Drain gels do not contain any harsh chemicals. And they have a pleasant citrus smell, too!

We already mentioned the InVade bio drain gel product family, it is a super safe and eco-friendly solution to get rid off drain flies. The InVade products are not toxic and designed for use in the kitched or bathroom. It is highly recommended to try these products before you drop ther A-bomb with Drano – click on any of the items below and read the details right on Amazon:

Make sure not to use Drano and bio drain gels at once — in such a case Drano is simply going to kill the helpful bacteria and bio gel will lose its potency.

Drano alternatives

We wrote an article where listed 10 ways how to get rid of drain flies. You can find natural methods plus a real bio-solution against train flies, the InVade bio drain gel.

Bio Drain Drain Fly Killer

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Frequently Asked Questions

Will Drano kill drain flies?

Yes, Drano kills drain flies and drain worms because it removes all organic materials from pipes, including human skin cells, hair, body hair. But there are more eco-friendly solutions to get rid of drain flies, including home remedies and a 100% bio drain gel. We covered them here.

Will Drano kill fruit flies?

Yes, Drano kills fruit flies as well. Like drain flies, fruit flies are also insects and Drano destroys both of them.

Drano for drain flies – is this the best solution?

However Drano kills drain flies for sure, it is like using A-bomb for fishing. There are eco-friendlier solutions to get rid of drain flies, including at least a dozen types of home remedies plus few bio drain gels. Read about them here: How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

How dangerous is Drano?

Drano is a very dangerous chemical and you must always use it with extra care and by following the instructions of the manufacturer. In case of Drano inhalation or swallowing or other harmful contact with it, immediately ask for medical help.

Does Drano dissolve hair?

Yes, Drano dissolves hair, body hair, human skin cells and other organic materials from drain pipes. It also kills all types of insects, including flies, sewer flies, sewer worms or fruit flies.