Zep Drain Care for Drain Flies

Zep Drain Care is probably one of the most popular products which households around the world use for cleaning their pipes. Not only from drain flies, but also from the build-up materials.

What is innovative about this product is that it does not come in powder, but in a liquid concentrate instead. Such feature makes it quite simple to apply. It is necessary to run some warm water through the pipes first, then to add a bit of Zep Drain Care, followed by another round of warm water. It is important not to use boiling water here, as we are used to do with strong chemical cleaners. Hot water can easily kill the enzymes in the gel and, consequentially, convert the gel into an ineffective product. After a six-hour wait the pipes are ready to be used again.

This concentrate is a biological treatment which consists of enzymes and bacteria, and this is the main difference from most of the other pipe cleaning products. Such enzymes are able to attack all the grease, fats and other protein-containing organic materials. After they do so, such build-up materials will be broken down into water, minerals, and CO2. How amazing is that? Additionally, it is totally safe for PVC pipes and sinks, as it does not have all the classic chemicals inside. 

This is a pretty strong cleaning product, but it is still safe enough to be used to unclog all kind of pipes, toilets, washing machines, and garbage disposals. This surely makes it quite practical, as there is no need to buy different products for all the various drain systems in a house. And no, this item will definitely not break your wallet.

One package has enough gel concentrate for up to 40 or 60 uses, depending on how hard the pipes are clogged. It is recommendable to use the product once a month, to prevent any future build-ups.

Zep is, generally speaking, a trustworthy brand. People around the world do have positive opinions about their cleaning products, so we truly hope that this product is up to the task, too.

Zep Drain Care for Drain Flies – Is it Effective?

The product seems to be quite effective, actually. To prove that, we have hand-picked some of the most relatable reviews we could find online, and we are sharing their essential parts with you.

Some customers, for example, share their bad experiences with flies around the house. They were using some popular unclogging chemical products for several months. However, such products only managed to unclog their drainpipes, with still leaving some tiny scam particles on the edges. This led to fewer flies jumping around their home, but it still did not solve the problem completely.

Bio Drain Drain Fly Killer

Actually, with the brief life cycle of drain flies, they managed to multiply quite promptly, and spread to other parts of the home, too. After finding out about enzyme drain cares, they applied it just for a week and their problem got fixed. They are now using Zep Drain Care on a monthly basis, as a precaution measure, and they are quite happy seeing that it does not leave any damage to their pipes.

Another review which caught our attention is about a quite serious fly problem, actually. A customer moved into a twenty-year-old flat, which was left empty (and uncleaned) for more than a month before his arrival, and it already had a quite serios infestation when he got there. Drain flies were basically coming out from every drain in the flat, both kitchen and bathroom. He decided to only use Zep Drain Care first, and after three weeks of persistence he finally managed to get rid of gnats completely. This particular customer did not continue doing occasional preventive drainpipe flushes after his fly problem got solved. As a consequence, flies returned to his home after a year or so.

In accordance with these experiences, we can easily conclude that this seems to be an effective product, indeed. It is helpful both with smaller issues with drain flies and with quite serious infestations.

The important thing to have in mind is to not use it on completely clogged drainpipes, but rather on those which have at least some partial flow. Using enzymes on fully blocked pipes will only allow the enzymes to reach until the first point of blockage, being rather ineffective after that. However, combining such product with other unclogging activities could do the trick.

Finally, Zep Drain Care makes a great and environmentally friendly preventive measure. It is super easy to apply to all plumbing systems. Also, it will only take a few minutes of your time, and will later do all the job itself while you are sleeping. Such products are extremely helpful, not only in keeping our homes cleaner and safer, but also in making sure that drain flies never come back.

Other Zep Drain Care Products

For those who prefer the powder version of such products, here comes a brief review of the two most popular.

Zep Drain Defense Enzymatic Drain Care Powder ZDC16 basically consists of the exact same materials as the previously reviewed product. The only difference between them is that the powder version needs first to be mixed with a pint of warm water, and only after that it can be flushed through the pipes. Additionally, it will save some space, as it comes in a smaller container.

Zep Drain Care is still available to be ordered online. However, this is the exact same powder product as the first one. The only difference between those is in their container design (and name, obviously).

If you wish to fix your problem with drain flies in an even more natural way, check out our suggestion on how to do so. There are several tips on how to get rid of such flies in the most environmental-friendly ways possible. And, on top of that, with products you probably already keep handy. Here is the article: How to Get Rid of Drain Flies.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Zep Drain Care safe for pipes?

Yes, the certified biodegradable formula clears the drain pipes and can be used for sinks, showers, toilets, drains, septioc tanks and other places. After pouring down to drains, Zep Drain Care breaks down into carbon dioxide and water.

Where can I buy Zep Drain Care?

Zep Drain Care is available at biggest stores and you can buy it online as well. It costs about $10. Zep Clog Attack is also available in these stores.

How does Zep Drain Defense work?

Zep Drain Defense has a certified biodegradable formula which means it breaks down into water and carbon dioxied. It remove the clogs and clean the drain pipes. It is a good solution to get rid of drain fly infestation naturally.

How much does one Zep Drain Defense cost?

One Zep Drain Defense costs about $10.

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