How to Get Rid of Drain Gnats?

The thing about drain gnats is they are closely attached to their breeding site, which is typically a drain. To be more specific, what they are looking for is the organic material that forms in the drain. It not only contains the ideal nutrients for them to consume but the gellatinous slime is also a great spot for the larvae.

Therefore, the best way to go about it is to locate and then remove their breeding site. Once you get rid of the material that got accumulated there, both the drain larvae will be gone. Although the adult drain gnats will be still there, they won’t be able to reproduce without a breeding site.

Their lifespan is not very long, being able to live for about 20 days. In order to get rid of that accumulated slime in your drain, you will need to find something stronger than your typical drain cleaner.

How to Get Rid of Gnats in Bathroom Drain?

Discovering that drain gnats have invaded your bathroom is certainly not a pleasant experience. These disgusting nuisances might appear around the shower drain and even near the washing machine. Where the moist is at, they instantly go there.

It is important to solve this problem as soon as you can. The bathroom provides a perfect place for them to reproduce and eventually invade your whole house. Hairy little drain gnats will blemish your walls and it will be increasingly hard to deal with them.

Although gnats are not particularly dangerous, they can surely spread the bacteria they collected in the drains and cause infections that way. Not to mention that they are simply disgusting, especially in high numbers.

There are multiple ways to get rid of their breeding site once and for all. Some home remedies can work, yet they are usually slower than a really good drain cleaner. You also need to choose wisely when it comes to drain cleaners because those sometimes kill only a portion of the adult gnats and larvae.

What we recommend you to do is to buy Drano, which is a highly effective drain cleaner that we are going to talk a bit more about later.

How to Get Rid of Gnats in Kitchen Drain?

Unfortunately, drain gnats can get in the kitchen as well. This often happens when people leave their home for vacation and in the meanwhile, the organic matter in it has plenty of time to attract drain flies. It can also happen when a bathroom infestation gets out of hand and adult flies start exploring the other parts of the house.

Either way, we are talking about a dirty kitchen drain that is not cleaned too often or rarely used. If you notice adult drain gnats near the drain or on the kitchen wall, there is no need to panic. However, there is no time to waste so you quickly need to get rid of them.

Otherwise, they can spread all that bacteria and maybe even come in contact with the food you have prepared. In the kitchen, hygiene is key so you are going to need a strong drain cleaner. Again, the same needs to be done every time you discover drain gnats at home.

First, you need to discover the breeding site and then to pour down some drain cleaner that can dissolve all the decaying organic matter in the drain. Dissolving all the buildup ensures that drain gnats no longer have a place for reproduction.

Using Drano against drain gnats is a great idea, as it contains a strong chemical called Lye that basically burns through all the buildup. We are going to talk about all the benefits of this product below. 

Bio Drain Drain Fly Killer

Why are Gnats Coming Out of My Drain?

Drain gnats prefer moist areas and they are most likely to establish a breeding site in rarely used, clogged or slow-running drains. While the organic matter in the drain may be disgusting to us, it is actually full of nutrition for the adult gnats and their larvae.

It is the ideal place for the adult fly to lay eggs and also for their larvae to grow. Besides bathroom and kitchen drains, they often choose compost piles, decaying logs and storm drains as their breeding site. If there is decomposing matter forming anywhere in your house, then there is always a chance that drain flies will appear.

Since they simply can’t resist it, they are bound to hang out around your kitchen or bathroom drains once they get near. Once you notice this, it means that there is some thorough cleaning to be done. Of course, if the drain is thoroughly cleaned on a regular basis, then there really should be nothing that can attract drain flies.

Will Drano Kill Drain Gnats?

The best thing about Drano is that it contains Lye, a chemical that dissolvess all the tissue it touches. If you are looking for a quick and effortless way to kill drain gnats, then look no further. Drano quickly kills all the larvae and adult gnats it runs through including the organic matter.

All that disgusting slime will be washed down your sink, eliminating the whole breeding site. Once there is no decaying organic matter to lay eggs in, adult drain flies basically lose their home. There are also natural ways to get rid of them but those are usually much slower.

Drano will melt through all that gellatinous slime shortly after you have poured it down your sink. After all, this drain cleaner is so strong that it can easily burn through your skin. It can not only make skin tissue disappear but also deals with fat, hair and oil in the same way.

Leaving such a powerful chemical in the pipes overnight is definitely not recommended. It doesn’t take much time until the scum buildup is dissolved, after which you can wash the whole drain cleaner down. Using Drano Max Build-Up Remover will ensure that there won’t be a single speck of organic matter in your pipes anymore.

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