Are Drain Flies Harmful?

Drain fly also known as moth fly

Drain flies are not harmful to other living beings in general. In fact, they are probably the most harmless of all the different fly species on the world. They are just annoying in large numbers. After all, no one wants to see these nuisances on their walls and in bathrooms.

The drain fly eggs and larvae are also completely harmless. It is disgusting when those drain worms appear in the shower around the drain. However, all they are looking for is some more fermenting matter and bacteria to consume.

You also shouldn’t worry about moth flies if you have children or pets at home. They are not going to pester anyone. It can happen after a long vacation that dozens of drain flies welcome you at home. It is definitely not healthy when they spread all that bacteria but it’s not particularly harmful either. 

Below, we are going to answer the most popular questions regarding the health risks associated with drain flies.

Are Drain Flies Harmful to Humans?

First off, drain flies can’t bite or sting you. In fact, they are not good at flying either. They basically just jump around with the help of their wings. Therefore, you are not really going to see them pestering people in the house.

They will mostly rest on the walls, walk in and out of drains and explore the area around them. They are not known to transmit any diseases or parasites either. It is understandable that running into some drain flies makes people in the household worry.

After all, there are countless fly species that can bite you, sting you and thus transmit lots of different diseases. Drain flies are an exception to this rule. The only way they can affect you is if you have bronchial asthma.

In that case, being around a huge number of moth flies will make your symptoms a bit worse.

Can Drain Flies Infest Humans?

Drain flies are part of a family of fly species that are not related to myasis. This is the scientific term that describes an insect laying eggs in a human’s body. There are many insects that are capable of such infestation. They can lay eggs in the human body in various ways.

With moth flies, this simply can’t happen. In fact, the whole Psychodidae family isn’t related to myasis, which is the family of species drain flies belong to. They only lay eggs in drains and other stale, standing waters where plenty of decaying organic matter can be found.

Therefore, there is really nothing in the human organism that attracts them. This is also why they usually just rest on walls and stay near drains.

Are Drain Flies Harmful to Children?

If you have very little children at home, then they might pick up and even eat drain flies in some cases. Fortunately, these insects can’t cause harm in such ways. Coming in contact with them is the equivalent of touching anything dirty in the house.

Of course, there are some bacteria involved but nothing too serious. Moth flies can be dirty but the only type of bacteria that can be found on their body are the ones that are coming from the drains they live in. As we mentioned above, they don’t carry any diseases.

They won’t bite or sting your child either. If you find some drain flies in the child’s room, then it means there is a leaking pipe or dirty drain nearby. Maybe they are coming from the nearest bathroom. These flies can also be found around garbage cans where the decay of organic matter also happens.

If you want to keep such pests away from children then perhaps the most important step is to keep the house as clean as possible.

Are Drain Flies Harmful to Dogs?

Drain flies are not harmful to dogs, as dogs can safely eat many different types of insects. What makes them harmless to dogs is the fact that they don’t transmit any parasites or diseases. Since they don’t eat feces or anything dangerous, they are basically just a boost of protein for dogs.

They can’t bite nor sting your dog either. In most cases, they are not even going to pester your dog or land on his food. All moth flies are interested in is to stay near drains and reproduce. They are probably going to annoy your dog in some degree but not by pestering them.

As they notice a drain fly resting high on the wall or flying around, they are going to be alert and that’s all. We covered this topic in our detailed article here: Are Drain Flies Harmful to Dogs?

Are Drain Flies Harmful to Cats?

When it comes to drain flies, the same applies to cats as to dogs. Your cat can eat a drain fly without anything particular happening. Maybe it is going to be a bit hard on his stomach but even that is unlikely. Moth flies pose no danger to cat food either and can’t transmit any disease.

Of course, cats like to play with every small thing they discover, especially if the thing is moving. As drain flies fly around, your cat might get into his playful mood and hunt them down. When you see this happening, there is nothing to be afraid of.

At least your cat is going to make use of that small amount of protein there is in the insect.

As you can see, moth flies are not harmful at all to anyone in a household, including pets. They are just annoying and also capable of spreading some bacteria. However, no one likes to live in a house where drain flies constantly reproduce and invade your personal space.

We covered this topic in another article as well, where you can read more answers: Are Drain Flies Harmful to Cats?

How to Get Rid of Drain Flies

Drain fly infestation can be really annoying, because it is very tricky to get rid of these small insects. We covered 10 house remedies and a 100% bio drain gel for this task, you can read the article here: How to Get Rid of Drain Flies